(above) THIS MURAL aims to honor the names of all those murdered in Los Angeles in 2014 by firearms. In 2014 there were 551 homicides in Greater Los Angeles. Guns accounted for 403 of those homicides, or roughly 75% of deaths. Of the 403 gun homicides the demographics break down as follows:

African Americans were the largest group, accounting for almost half of the shootings or 182 victims or 45%

Latinos where the second largest group, accounting for 176 deaths or 43% of the total casualties.

There where 34 White victims or 8% of the total.

11 Asians victims or 3%

This wall honors the lives of all 403 gunshot victims. Their names are inscribed on the wall. There is a need for disarmament on the streets of America. While gun companies, The NRA and The Politicians reap huge rewards from the trade in weapons, people of color are disproportionately its victims. Every life is precious.

Mural By: Ralph Ziman. Instagram: @Afrika_47 | Bisco Smith. Instagram: @Biscosmith

(above) Images of a small installation in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. The text behind the paste-up are John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance."

(above) Images from the installation of the first wheat paste in The Grand Parade in Cape Town, South Africa.